Furniture handles

In Emuca we have the best handles for trendy furniture in the market, with a vintage or modern design, able to create unique environments in kitchen furniture, bathroom or any other room in the home.

Modern or vintage

Do you want to design unique furniture that reflects your personality? In this case, the choice of small details, such as furniture handles, will help you achieve the space you are looking for. Contact us!

Modern handles

Modern handles stand out for their versatility, thanks to their neutral appearance that combines with other styles, where they can draw attention or go unnoticed. They are usually elongated models with marked straight lines, which generate an atmosphere with an unmistakable style.

They are characterized by uniform designs, where the aim is to highlight a pristine look with bright details and asymmetrical shapes. They stand out for a clear preference for dark finishes, with combinations of two types of handles, one model on the top and one on the bottom of the cabinets.

Vintage handles

Vintage handles are the ideal choice for rustic, classic or colonial style furniture. They are characterized by their aged style, but can be combined with current modern trends. Models in gold, titanium or black finishes are the best option because they allow the design of more sophisticated and luxurious spaces.

The contrast created between these vintage handles and the drawer and cabinet fronts in wood or black is very elegant. Adding some other element of the same material, such as faucets or lamps, will help to create a balanced decoration with a very striking focal point.

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We offer you a wide selection of furniture handles:

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